Hi there

At last some good news!  Hopefully also the way things are going, perhaps we may be able to open fully sooner, as the infection rate in our Borough of Bromley has really fallen.  Fingers crossed.

So we open on Monday 12th April.  It’s outside eating and drinking only and we only have 8 tables which will only seat up to 30 at a time.  The most we can seat is 6 unfortunately, as it’s very difficult to move and join garden tables and the front of pub tables don’t move.  We do have nice heaters in place now also, so hopefully if the good old English weather doesn’t behave itself, at least you should be warm.  We would say bring umbrellas though, and wrap up just in case.  The Garden has a nice awning over it and the outside tables do have umbrellas.

I have had problems with my online system Resy which is serviced in America as it belongs to American Express.  By the time you get this email, you will be able to go on and book tables up to 6 people for outside and inside after May 17th.  There is also  a place for you to leave me any notes.  You can down load the Resy app, its a great little restaurant app and once you’ve put in and saved all your details, its a very fast and easy system.  Or you can go online, on my website to make your booking.  We can’t wait to see you all again and hope to have some exciting new dishes on the menu also.

Unfortunately, we will not be doing takeaway this weekend.  We will be reopening on Friday 12th at 5pm next week and of course will be open for Mothers Day.  You are able to go online and pre book your mothers day roasts, which I would advise you to do asap as I know we will be sold out on the day.

We hope you have all managed to stay safe and well and look forward to welcoming you back soon.