Hi there

Hope everyone is keeping safe and well as we all are. So looking forward to reopening! Lets hope we get some better news next week from Boris.

Many thanks to those of you who chose to order takeaway roasts on Valentines Day and so sorry to those of you who missed out. We had sold out by Saturday evening! We had sold out by 2pm the previous week also, so if you think you would like to join us, please put your order though and choose your time slot asap. We also deliver ourselves now within a mile and a half radius, but it is nice to get the chance to catch up and say hello when you pick your orders up! Just remember to wear a mask and sanitise out side before coming in to the bar.

We are over the moon to tell you that we will be serving up the Simplicity Burger from this Friday, It was created by Chef Neil Rankin for his Simplicity Burger restaurant in Brick Lane @simplicity_burger on Instagram and we are very lucky to be allowed to add it to our menu, as very few restaurants (Gordon Ramsey’s Burger chain being one of them), have been allowed to have it. It is Vegan and is absolutely delicious. We hope, as with our Vegan Umami Burger, that meat eaters and flexitarians will want to give it a try.

Fingers crossed for some good news soon and if it is outdoor eating and drinking first, we are delighted that the outdoor gas heaters, we were waiting 3 months for, finally showed up the day before the last lockdown, so we will now have heated areas to the front of the pub and well as the garden.

Alan and Tina x