It’s been lovely to see so many of you back after being closed for a month.  We made our best effort yet in decorating the pub, bistro and garden and our hard work has been rewarded with the compliments we have been receiving.
Yesterday, we received a letter from the Licensing and Police underlining what is expected of pubs and restaurants as some are not adhering to the COVID rules set in place for tier 2.  They have been going round to pubs enforcing the same household, business meeting and bubble rules.  They are telling us people should leave once they have finished their meal and that we should be asking for proof of address, postcodes etc.
As you can imagine, this is very stressful trying to manage and we do respectfully ask everyone who is booking or booked to come here, whilst we are in tier 2, to please abide by the rules.  So same household up to 6, support bubble if someone lives alone or single parent with child under 5 and up to six in garden/outside from different households. There are hefty fines all round if not and also the potential to spread the virus.
We have decided that we will not allow business meetings as this is too hard to police and is being abused by people who (understandably), want to spend time with their friends/family/work colleagues.
We will continue to offer 2 hours per booking as so many people have to eat now and it does put pressure on our kitchen, so at times there will be a wait.
Sadly, we have also decided that it’s not going to be possible to offer the 3 course Xmas meal due to the quantity of food we are having to turn out and the confines of our small kitchens.  We have also had to add 4 dishes to our existing menu to cater for everyone.  So sorry to disappoint anyone who has booked in already.  We will however still be doing our Boxing day 3 course menu, but this is the only menu on Boxing Day.
Xmas Eve and New Years Eve it will be normal menu till 4pm which is last slot,  then from 6pm we are offering a personal buffet to your table which will be £15 per head.  We don’t know the timing yet but have to assume it will still be the same as present with last orders at 10pm.  Lets hope Boris makes some changes before then.  The buffet menus will be on the website on Wednesday.
We are offering Gift Cards on the website if you would like to purchase as presents.  They are available in lots of £25.
Last week we were fully booked for Sunday lunch by Saturday morning, so we do urge you to book online if you would like to join us as the phone is incredibly busy at the moment and we cant always get to it when serving.  Also same with takeaway Roasts, we had reached our quota of 140 dinners so had to shut down ordering online.  You can preorder on our website at any time in order to secure yours earlier in the week.
We look forward to seeing you soon
Alan & Tina