Once again I want to thank everyone who has been in recently and helped us keep you and our staff safe as possible by sticking to the Covid rules.  Also a gentle reminder that we are still only able to accept table bookings and no more than 6 to a booking.  If you do need a bigger booking it will have to be over 2 tables which are a metre apart.

We have a new system when booking tables on Sundays and also when booking for 6 or more on any day.  If you book online, when you complete your booking it will ask you for your card details.  It wont take your money though.  We will only take £10 per head if you are a no show or dont cancel within 24 hours.  No shows are a big problem in this industry and taking deposits has really helped us cut back on them.  Hopefully this new system where it doesnt take your money instantly will be more acceptable to you.

You can now book tables in the garden but you will have to call up to do this as this facility is not available online.  As with the pub and bistro, this has a 2 hour turnaround time unless we dont need the table back.  The outside tables though are not bookable to make this fair to people who just turn up.

Last Friday and Saturday we introduced some delicous Shellfish dishes to our menu.  We will be doing this again this week.  We will be serving Oysters, Whole Crabs, Crab Sandwiches and Lobster Rolls.  If you think you would like to join us perhaps when you book, let us know what you would like so as not to be disappointed.  Pictures of these dishes are on our instagram @imperialarmschislehurst and facebook @imperialarms.

The Bistro is now open all day Friday and Saturday should you wish to book a table also.  

Look forward to seeing you soon 

Alan & Tina x