Hi There!

We’re nearly there! The beer is in and we’re almost ready to open our doors and hope you all enjoy our efforts over the past 3 months to spruce everywhere up!

We have one table left at 12 in the Pub and some tables during the day in the Bistro so please book online if you would like to join us. It is only table service so no stools or drinking round the bar unfortunately for the time being. The Bistro for the time being will now be open the same hours as the pub so we can accomodate more people.

Sunday we will be serving our roasts and I would urge you to book today if you would like to join us as we are 3/4 full already.

When you arrive we will expect you to sanitise your hands at our dedicated stations and to be aware of the social distancing and handwashing rules when using the toilets etc. We all have to do our bit to help keep the pubs back open. We will be asking for your names, address etc on arrival as per government guidelines and there will be paper on your tables for this. Fingers crossed it will all run smoothly.

The Fish Union is back today in the Courtyard garden from 3 till 7. Unfortunately we have had to make today their last day as we will be needing the garden space for drinkers and diners. The good news is they have secured a shop in Chislehurst High Street, the Sainsburys end and hope to be open in a few weeks. If you want to do a pre order for today, please email them on chislehurstfishunion@gmail.com. We have spoke about the possibility of an Oyster Bar in the garden before they open but this will be decided once we see how things go after a week or so.

Take care and look forward to seeing you all soon

Alan & Tina x