Hi There!

We hope you are all managing to stay safe and well as we all are.

Unless things change at government level, we are preparing to reopen on Saturday 4th July.
We will open both the Pub, Bistro, Garden and outside seating (weather permitting).

Still no news from the Government around social distancing so till then we assume that 2 metres is in place.  We are assuming also that you will not be allowed to drink around the bar, so it will be table seating only.  We will of course be opening our kitchens and our menus will be back along with Roasts on Sunday 5th.

We are respectfully asking if you can book a table for your return to us.  At present we have blocked online booking for Saturday and Sunday 4th and 5th, so we can control the seating plan so you will have to email back here or at imperialarms@sky.com your desired time and table no.  obviously large tables will not be able to be accommodated for and we only have about 4 tables of 6 (if this is allowed).  My suggestion is to make your booking and we can adjust if need be closer to the time.

Unfortunately we do have to say at this point they will be bookings with a 2 hour time slot in order to be fair to everyone, as we have so many lovely customers, many of whom are in regular contact waiting to come back in.

This Sunday, Fathers Day we will be offering 80 takeaways, last week we sold out, so if you think you would like to have one of our piping hot Roasts and there are 6 of them, I do urge you to preorder on line as soon as possible.  This helps us with our ordering of the fresh meats on Fridays, so everyone can get the roast of their first choice.

The Fish Union Chislehurst in our Courtyard garden has now increased its hours from 3 till 7pm on Thursday and Friday.  If you want to do a preorder you can do so by emailing them at chislehurstfishunion@gmail.com.  They will be continuing with their amazing bundles like last week of BBQ bundles, Tapas bundles and monk fish curry kits, along with the freshest of fish and shellfish.  If you follow us on instagram and facebook you will see more pictures and updates.  They are also on instagram as @fishunionchislehurst

We have now added a Gift Card to our web site.  These can be bought in denominations of £25 and will last a year from when the Pub re-opens.  Should we have to close again, this time will be added to the duration they are valid for.

We look forward to seeing you all again soon.

Alan & Tina x