Hi There!

Once again I want to thank everyone who has been in recently and helped us keep you and our staff safe as possible by sticking to the Covid rules.  Also a gentle reminder that we are still only able to accept table bookings and no more than 6 to a booking.  If you do need a bigger booking it will have to be over 2 tables which are a metre apart.

We have a new system when booking tables on Sundays and also when booking for 6 or more on any day.  If you book online, when you complete your booking it will ask you for your card details.  It wont take your money though.  We will only take £10 per head if you are a no show or dont cancel within 24 hours.  No shows are a big problem in this industry and taking deposits has really helped us cut back on them.  Hopefully this new system where it doesnt take your money instantly will be more acceptable to you.

You can now book tables in the garden but you will have to call up to do this as this facility is not available online.  As with the pub and bistro, this has a 2 hour turnaround time unless we dont need the table back.  The outside tables though are not bookable to make this fair to people who just turn up.

Last Friday and Saturday we introduced some delicous Shellfish dishes to our menu.  We will be doing this again this week.  We will be serving Oysters, Whole Crabs, Crab Sandwiches and Lobster Rolls.  If you think you would like to join us perhaps when you book, let us know what you would like so as not to be disappointed.  Pictures of these dishes are on our instagram @imperialarmschislehurst and facebook @imperialarms.

The Bistro is now open all day Friday and Saturday should you wish to book a table also.  

Look forward to seeing you soon 

Alan & Tina x


Hi There!

We're nearly there! The beer is in and we're almost ready to open our doors and hope you all enjoy our efforts over the past 3 months to spruce everywhere up!

We have one table left at 12 in the Pub and some tables during the day in the Bistro so please book online if you would like to join us. It is only table service so no stools or drinking round the bar unfortunately for the time being. The Bistro for the time being will now be open the same hours as the pub so we can accomodate more people.

Sunday we will be serving our roasts and I would urge you to book today if you would like to join us as we are 3/4 full already.

When you arrive we will expect you to sanitise your hands at our dedicated stations and to be aware of the social distancing and handwashing rules when using the toilets etc. We all have to do our bit to help keep the pubs back open. We will be asking for your names, address etc on arrival as per government guidelines and there will be paper on your tables for this. Fingers crossed it will all run smoothly.

The Fish Union is back today in the Courtyard garden from 3 till 7. Unfortunately we have had to make today their last day as we will be needing the garden space for drinkers and diners. The good news is they have secured a shop in Chislehurst High Street, the Sainsburys end and hope to be open in a few weeks. If you want to do a pre order for today, please email them on We have spoke about the possibility of an Oyster Bar in the garden before they open but this will be decided once we see how things go after a week or so.

Take care and look forward to seeing you all soon

Alan & Tina x


Hi There!

We hope you are all managing to stay safe and well as we all are.

Unless things change at government level, we are preparing to reopen on Saturday 4th July.
We will open both the Pub, Bistro, Garden and outside seating (weather permitting).

Still no news from the Government around social distancing so till then we assume that 2 metres is in place.  We are assuming also that you will not be allowed to drink around the bar, so it will be table seating only.  We will of course be opening our kitchens and our menus will be back along with Roasts on Sunday 5th.

We are respectfully asking if you can book a table for your return to us.  At present we have blocked online booking for Saturday and Sunday 4th and 5th, so we can control the seating plan so you will have to email back here or at your desired time and table no.  obviously large tables will not be able to be accommodated for and we only have about 4 tables of 6 (if this is allowed).  My suggestion is to make your booking and we can adjust if need be closer to the time.

Unfortunately we do have to say at this point they will be bookings with a 2 hour time slot in order to be fair to everyone, as we have so many lovely customers, many of whom are in regular contact waiting to come back in.

This Sunday, Fathers Day we will be offering 80 takeaways, last week we sold out, so if you think you would like to have one of our piping hot Roasts and there are 6 of them, I do urge you to preorder on line as soon as possible.  This helps us with our ordering of the fresh meats on Fridays, so everyone can get the roast of their first choice.

The Fish Union Chislehurst in our Courtyard garden has now increased its hours from 3 till 7pm on Thursday and Friday.  If you want to do a preorder you can do so by emailing them at  They will be continuing with their amazing bundles like last week of BBQ bundles, Tapas bundles and monk fish curry kits, along with the freshest of fish and shellfish.  If you follow us on instagram and facebook you will see more pictures and updates.  They are also on instagram as @fishunionchislehurst

We have now added a Gift Card to our web site.  These can be bought in denominations of £25 and will last a year from when the Pub re-opens.  Should we have to close again, this time will be added to the duration they are valid for.

We look forward to seeing you all again soon.

Alan & Tina x


Hi There!

The Fish Union which opened last Thursday in our Courtyard Garden was a huge success. 

Apologies to those of you on Friday who we had to turn away empty handed, but this week there will be twice as much.  Also we will be offering a Bouillabaisse bundle of assorted fresh fish for you to take home and make the most delicious of fish stews with along with Marinated Sea Bass wrapped in Banana Leaf ready to go straight into the oven or on the BBQ.

Once again we will be open for 4 till 7pm both Thursday and Friday and you can buy wines such as Picpoul and Montagny which marry so perfectly with fish, along with bottles of beer and lager also.  In order not to be disappointed, if you would like to pre order your fish at by Wednesday 8pm you will be able to be come along between 3 and 4pm or 6 and 7pm so you wont have to queue or wait.

We have been talking about the possibility, once the Bistro is back open, as we hear restaurants may be open first, of you choosing your fish and we cook for £10 along with fresh vegetables and sauces and you can dine in the Bistro or garden.  So lots of exciting things being kicked around.  Fingers crossed.  If this appeals to you let me know and we will start a reservation list.

Here's the list of fish and shellfish we will be carrying:-

Lemon sole, dover sole, native lobster, mackeral, mussels, Butley Creek oysters, clams, halibut, salmon, sushimi grade tuna, whole dressed and undressed crab, squid, tiger prawns red tiger prawns, cuttle fish, wild sea trout, wild sea bass, Cornish monkfish, john dory, ray wing, pollock, hake, plaice, scallops, gurnard, mullet, smoked haddock/kippers, cockles, sea astor and samphire.

Our takeaways on Thursday to Sunday are going very well but we did sell out this Sunday.  Once again if you would like to pre order it really helps us with our numbers and means you will not be disappointed with your choice of roasts.  We would love to be offering our takeaway service from Monday to Sunday, so it would really help if you have enjoyed your food, if you could give us a small mention on your social media and like and share our pictures and news.

Take care of yourselves and we look forward to seeing you soon

Alan & Tina x


Hi Everyone!

We hope you are all staying safe and well and enjoying the little bit of extra freedom we've been granted.  Fingers crossed we may be able to open up in our garden and outside seating soon.  Very excited to hear our flowers for our hanging baskets and window boxes will be arriving this week, to complete the makeover we have given to the outside of the pub.  We are looking for a good upholsterer for our banquetting seating if anyone has a recommendation.

We have an exciting new venture to tell you about this week.  We are pleased to announce the hosting of the Chislehurst Fish Union in our Courtyard Garden from next Thursday and Friday, 28 & 29 May.  The Chislehurst Fish Union will be sourcing fish direct from Newlyn, Brixham and the Suffolk fleet to bring a vertiable harvest of the oceans direct to you.


The offering will include wild, day boat Suffolk Bass, Dressed Crab, Dover Sole, Monkfish, Lemon Sole and Mackeral to name but a few.  Added to this we will be offering our wines and carefully selected craft ales to serve alongside your seafood for takeaway.  From Saturday you will be able to follow us on instagram @chislehurstfishunion so why not follow us now and you can also pre order from

Our takeway continues to flourish and once again Sunday Roasts were a great success.  The foil containers we are using keep everything piping hot ready to be served up on your tables at home. We would advise to pre order as we are only catering for 60 roasts over the five offerings and we wouldnt want you to be disappointed.

You can now order and pay online here:

We are also selling our wines, beers and ales at any time and you can also order in the same place above or just call on 0203 605 7899.


Our Imperial Wines no contact delivery service is still ruinning and you can access this here:


or email for menu and more information.


We look forward to seeing you all as soon as possible

Alan & Tina x

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